Auctions are not just for Antiques and close-outs. Real Estate auctions are a
growing market. They are not just for foreclosures either. Actually Real
Estate auctions offer both parties the best deals. For the Seller they can
obtain a better price for their property. When interested parties are
competing live for the property the sale price will go to the highest bidder.
Unlike Conventional sales the "commission" may be zero to the seller. Often
people under price their property because of a lack of information. With an
Auction that does not happen. Bidders will drive the price. With conventional
Real Estate listings your property may sit for weeks or months before a real
offer is made. With an Auction the date of the sale is set.

Why sell at Auction
Why sell at Auction If you are looking to sell property, an auction can
maximize your sales revenue above any other method of selling.

Auctioneers are at the top of their field in the auction business. Ethical,
accredited and technology-savvy, Auctioneers are professionals well versed in
the psychology of selling. Their education, experience and networking
capabilities stimulate competition among bidders, securing you the highest
price per sale.

An Auctioneer can bring you potential buyers through their experience with
advertising, value and appraisal.
Auctioneers are trained to efficiently conduct sales of a wide variety of
commodities from real estate to manufacturing equipment to antiques.
An Auctioneer utilizes traditional "live" auctions, online methods or a
combination to effectively market your goods.
Auctioneers are professionals and internationally subscribe to a strict Code of
Ethics, ensuring you a positive and worry-free sale experience.

Whether you are looking to sell your home, vehicle or excess inventory from
your business, you should consider selling your property at an auction.

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